Terms & Conditions

If adverse environmental conditions, including adverse weather conditions, cause any delay in the application from that represented in the spray order form (which environmental conditions shall be within the sole discretion of the aerial applicator), the aerial applicator will not be liable for any costs, claims, suits, demands or any consequential damages or losses of the contracting grower/farmer due to the delayed application.

Temperature & Humidity

Decision temperature/humidity at which the application will be applied at:

As per chemical label

    • 33 Percent Humidity
    • 33 Degrees Temperature

Maximum / minimum wind speed
> 15km < 3 Km
Alternative options:

As per special chemical label requirements

      • Airstrip / Crops
      • Airstrip water phlevel 6
      • The responsibility will be with the farm management, to ensure that the farm water is uncontaminated.
      • If the use of part drums is required, the responsibility lies with the grower to check that the chemical is not contaminated and/or is the correct product of the job requested.
      • In field markers etc used on the farm shall be in the form of standard fibre glass rods with flags placed as low as practicable to the crop canopy
      • New hazards erected during the cotton season should be notified to the operations office of aero professional services prior to the next application. These hazards include new wires, towers weather stations, windsocks and aerials etc.
      • Pilot will contact grower to confirm application is okay to proceed once airborne from airstrip. Also confirmation of chemical / blocks and chemical rates may be required.
      • Loss of communication between grower and pilot will result in postponement of application.
      • Any requirement for neighbour notification, either specified on label or through State legislation, industry code of practice or other means shall be the responsibility of the grower/farmer.
      • The contracting grower/farmer acknowledges that if during the course of the application it is necessary to dump a load of chemical due to requirements of safety there will be no right of action on behalf of the contracting grower/farmer against the aerial applicator.

Other conditions that will stop the application are:

1. Nobody present to commence job
2. Wind speed nil (subject to chemical)
3. Inversion present
4. Rain imminent (subject to chemical)
5. Poor light
6. Worker’s in target fields
7. Complaints received

Time-Related Conditions

1. Contact Denison Downs weather station Davis Weather Link
2. 7.40am - 8.00am 3.45pm - 4.00pm bus crosses airstrip
3. Drum & markers to be set on road across airstrip prior to use
4. Notification of use of strip prior to job

Payment to the aerial applicator shall be made within 30 days of receipt of invoice and must be received by the aerial applicator before any dispute or claim can be made in relation to the application.