Aerial Agriculture

Aerial Application to your Crop

Aero Professional Services cover a large range of aerial applications the central QLD region and further. Aerial application is an important industry with in the agriculture community.

Having a prescribed chemical applied by an aircraft is an economical way to treat your crop because of many factors such as, covering larger areas in a shorter time frame, better access to paddocks, zero disease transfer, no soil compaction from wheel tracks. That damage can reduce crop yield much more than the cost of an aerial application.

Aerial Prescription Spray Application

Sometimes a crop may require a chemical to be applied at different rates dues to variable soil and weed conditions. APS has the technology and equipment to apply solids and liquids at a variable rates.

Some key benefits of Variable Rate Application:

  • Improving overall yield by applying fertilizers to the areas that will response best to the fertilizer
  • Reduced use of very expensive pesticides by only applying them where needed
  • Reducing variation in crop size, or maturity by applying growth regulators to vigorous areas

This can be a time consuming process and takes some technical expertise. There are now consulting agencies that can assist you with this process. Your agronomist or chemical retailer may also be able to help you with this, and you can always come and see us.

Aerial Seeding

Aerial seeding is an efficient way of spreading seed over large paddocks and inaccessible areas. All of our aircraft are fitted the latest GPS units that ensure that all applications are constant and controlled as per the client request. We also supply and so all our own elf loading vehicles, which allows is to work remotely (off base) at any airstrip. Upon completion APS provide an application track/log that has be overlaid to Google Earth, showing where the product was applied.

Aero Professional Services Include:

  • Graslan Application
  • Granular Fertilisers
  • Herbicide
  • Seeding
  • Fungicides
  • Insecticides
  • Foliar Fertilisers
  • Mouse Baiting
  • Feral Animal Control
  • Locust Control

Graslan – Woody Weed Control

FMC, in conjunction with strategic partnerships, is providing in-field solutions for graziers looking to cost-effectively control brigalow regrowth, tea tree regrowth, Mimosa pigra and other registered woody weeds on grazing lands.

Plan your regrowth control now by combining the highest quality Tebuthiuron pellet on the market, Graslan™ Herbicide with the effectiveness of an independent vegetation mapping consultant to make your paddocks more productive.

Key Points

  • Graslan controls woody weeds: brigalow regrowth, tea tree regrowth, Mimosa pigra and other registered woody weeds
  • Increased pasture and grass
  • Dramatic live weight gains
  • Original and best formulation on the market
  • Proven formulation over 30 years


Aerial Application in partnership with Aero Professional Services

FMC is pleased to partner exclusively with Aero Professional Services (APS) to deliver precision aerial application of Graslan™. APS has been applying Graslan in Queensland for 20 years using custom-built specialist precision application equipment, and a highly experienced team of expert pilots and ground crew. APS is the market leader in this segment, when it comes to Graslan™ only the best will do!


Aerial application of Graslan™ is a full service model including:

  • On-Farm paddock inspection completed by a highly experienced local specialist.
  • GPS mapping of the area to be treated, soil type, topography and vegetation assessment, interpretation and compliance with the Vegetation Management Act 1999 and reef protection regulations.
  • A detailed prescription is written that is tailored to the specifics of your site conditions.
  • An all-inclusive one-price contract is signed, no hidden costs or nasty surprises to bite you later!
  • Product is supplied freight included (FIS) to your local Farm Supplies Retailer.
  • Precision application by Aero Professional Services includes on-ground supervision, pilots, planes and loading machinery.
  • A copy of the completed application log is provided following application.
  • A written performance guarantee is provided that is valid for two and a half years after application.

Graslan is available from select rural retailers or you can contact the field team:

Graham Fossett

0427 458 432

Paul Tippett

0499 010 141

Tim O’Brien

0427 442 816

Stu Leahy

0427 667 107

Ken Springall

0409 871 141